A Respite Before Infinity

The narrative of the last Prophet

Deep in the middle of the Arabian desert ,in a cave on a mountain outside mecca, an lettered and unknown merchant began recieving messages from God.

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Book Introduction

A Respite Before Infinity

  • Basis

    The eventful life of the Prophet of Islam is the basis of our book.

  • beneficial

    When the last Prophet appeared, he brought a strong message of the Oneness of God and His mercy towards creation.

  • Inspiration

    The message of the Quran and the life of the Holy Prophet reconnects us with our inner self and refreshes our faith. Rush to the remembrance of Allah!

A worda about the author

Moorad Fazalbhoy

Moorad Fazalbhoy has a degree in political science and world history from the university of bombay.
During his 50 years of career he was one of the early pioneer in the transformation of mass communication of india

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